Saint Andrew- Original Oil Painting

Original Sold

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Due to the fragile nature of this painting, shipping may take up to 2 weeks to prepare. Artist is willing to deliver in person (with limitations) and unveil the painting with the purchasing organization. Contact Ryan if you have any questions

Saint Andrew

Oil on Canvas, 2019

Saint Andrew is an oil Painting by  Artist Ryan J. Flynn. This portrait was commissioned specifically to be displayed in Scotland, and the patron expressed his desire to have some aspects of the layout homage his country. In his usual subtle style, the artist did this by pinning a group of thistles to the shirt of the figure, and used the Scottish Blue as the base of the drapery covring his right arm. The figure is identifyable as Andrew due to the subtle X cross in the background  which  alludes to his impending martyrdom (shown in the dark) followed by the fishing nets he holds in both hands symbolizing the fact that he was a fisherman before being called to follow Christ.