Duly Prepared - Original Oil Painting

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Due to the fragile nature of this painting, shipping may take up to 2 weeks to prepare. Artist is willing to deliver in person (with limitations) and unveil the painting with the purchasing organization. Contact Ryan if you have any questions

Duly Prepared

Original Painting by Ryan J. Flynn
36x48 in Oil on Canvas


Duly Prepared is the latest original painting by Ryan Flynn. The painting depicts the moment when a candidate is removed from a chamber of reflection, a preperation room used in Freemasonry as well as other initiatic orders. The artist wanted to place emphasis on the importance of the emotional readiness that he believes is paramount to the initiatic experience. 


This original painting has already been called "one of the most emotionally powerfull Masonic works of art in the last hundred years," and would be a powerful and beautiful addition to any lodge.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the artist himself at rjflynndesign@gmail.com.