A Masonic Artist

Ryan J. Flynn is a past master of Ancient York Lodge No. 89 in Nashua, NH An artist since his early years, Ryan studied art and design at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, MA. There he excelled at painting, drawing and the graphic arts. In 2006 Ryan studied abroad in Florence, Italy where he was instructed in Painting and Art History at the University of Richmond. This trip highly motivated him to dive deeper into studying symbology, numerology and techniques of the masters. He has worked in various mediums such as stained glass, woodcutting, sculpture, mosaic work, painting and many more. 

In 2010, Ryan became a member of Ancient York Lodge No. 89 of Free and Accepted Masons in Nashua, NH. In 2012 Bro. Flynn created his first Masonic artwork, two faux stained glass windows for the Nashua Masonic Temple, which launched him into the Masonic world’s spotlight. Since then, Ryan has been creating some of the greatest Masonic artwork of the 21st century and has been called “one of, if not, the most influential Masonic artists in America.” In 2016 Ryan was awarded the position of Ambassador to the Association of Masonic Arts, the first American to hold such a title. He is an international masonic speaker, presenting lectures on many topics including the importance of incorporating the fine arts back into the lodge. 

“My goal is simple, to create works of art that bring honor to the name Freemason. In a world where the square and compass are treated like a common logo, Masonic artists must strive to create works that promote the ideals and tenants of the craft.” 

-Bro. Flynn